WIP #21 – Spiraling Rainbow Pen Cover

Spiraling Rainbow Pen Cover

Spiraling Rainbow Pen Cover as of 9 Oct 2016

If you are like me, your pens are always finding new homes when they get borrowed. I decided to create a cover to use on my favorite pens to help me spot them better when they have been borrowed. This pattern uses Delica size 11 beads and I have chosen to use the silver lined beads to cause them to sparkle. I started this project over the summer before my grand daughter came to spend a week and have never got back to it.

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WIP #20 – Patchwork Bracelet

Patchwork Bracelet

Patchwork Bracelet as of 9 Oct 2016

I sometimes want to make a change from stitching with thread and canvas, so I get out some beads and work on some jewelry. This is a simple bracelet that uses a patchwork design to create an interesting pattern. I’ve chosen beads that are eye catching yet neutral to create a piece of jewelry that I can wear with jeans or for a more dressy look and I’m loving the way it looks and feels.

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Another Finish!

Summer Logs

Summer Logs

My local chapter of the EGA offered a class that was being taught by a teacher from Fancy Stitches in Cleburne, Texas on 24 September 2013. The class piece was “Summer Logs” by Kathy Rees at Needle Delights Originals. There wasn’t enough time to finish the whole piece during class, so we focused on the 8 longest stitched sections. This gave us a solid base to work on the project at home. I just love the colors as texture that was created with the different stitches and how each individual piece was different due to the variegated over-dyed threads that were used.

UPDATE: I entered this piece in the Oklahoma State Fair and on 14 September 2015 I received a blue ribbon. I was soooo exited!

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